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GXS (OpenText GXS) is a subsidiary of OpenText Corporation headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States. Its GXS Trading Grid managed more than twelve billion transactions in 2011. Since 2004, GXS has invested more than $250 million in GXS Trading Grid. As of March 16, 2012, more than 550,000 businesses connect to GXS Trading Grid and, on average, more than 2,000 new businesses join each


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"No growth, just manual testing"

Former Employee - Program Manager says

"Out of control ! Ship withot a rudder."

EDI Analyst says

"Horribly managed company and more interested in outsourcing American jobs. Disgusting "want to be" project managers and sloppy projects. Insecure management trying to micro-manage each employee caused severe delays and issues with delivery."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salary below industry average. You'll be expected to work long hours, especially since there are meetings at all hours since there are staff in India and the U.S., both coasts and other parts of the world. Very difficult to have a life outside of work. Recently acquired by OpenText that only grows by acquisition. With each acquisition, redundant staff is let go. Never know who'll be next. No real organic growth in the product lines, no real technical challenges. Too much micromanagement. Even to purchase $40 dollars of something requires VP sign off."

Former Employee - Sales says

"EVERYTHING is a challenge. No training. They have A LOT processes yet none of them work because of poor execution. I never worked in a company that I heard "it is to my job" or "you have to follow the process" yet, again the process doesn't work because it loops around with out execution since there was no training, no thinking or enforcement the right way to begin with."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"US Employees have to do 3 times the work due to the flawed "cost cutting" business model to outsource jobs. While I understand company's wish to save money by outsourcing, when your turn over rate for those outsourced employees is high and you constantly have to retrain staff and even when you do give training, they do not seem to be able to handle the issues efficiently, at some point you have to realize your cost savings are actually costing you business, credibility and talent. The US workforce is being burnt out. I realize that you can not employee a full US staff these days and stay competitive, however The new company needs to retain more Skilled staff somehow or you will continue to have more and more competition take away your business due to the support and lack of knowledge."


"Executive management has been more concerned with cashing out than with running a company. Leadership tends to think of themselves as the smartest in the room, rather than listening to the wisdom of those around (below) them who may happen to have more experience and better sense. Dissenters are distanced, suppressed, and dismissed. Organization is top-heavy, and suffers from cronyism. Very little governance, integrity, or transparency. Human Capital appears to have been confused for Human Cattle."

Former Employee - Implementations says

"Disgusting management more concerned with anti-American outsourcing practices"

Current Employee - Sales says

"No acknowledgement for job well done, opportunity for advancement and appropriate financial compensation when warranted. Little interest in improving their product and services, especially the SaaS applications Overall, management shows little regard for employees"

Former Employee - Former INOVIS says

"Yes this is a bad company to work for from its lack of caring for its employees to off shoring jobs, the company makes a veiled attempt at trying to make a better work environment all the while off shoring jobs heck the CEO said it in meetings he’d rather have 50 employees in Manila for the cost of one in the US and he hates having to pay a California salary. As long as you have been one of the old guard a person who’s done the same thing for 20-30 years never advanced in position or abilities your fine because you just push the problem down the road. The only thing that gets modernized is the CEO’s salary."

EDI Specialist III, Managed Services (Former Employee) says

"Everyone on this company jumped off the boat when both companies merged, to save money they created over 500 jobs in Manila and customers were not happy with change. I was one of the unlucky employees with this move, at the end the strategies they tried to implement didn't work and they kept a few employees in the US. Trying to balance support for them. Nobody like the way it was managed, this company has the culture to always CYA and that was not good at all, recording your screens all the time and monitoring you at the micro management style was not good either.Great benefits, my manager was always supportivealways cover our tracks, not good salary, CEO doesn't listen employees."

G naughton says

"Tyres i got were made in 2012 and when they were delivered the were thrown over my back gate to witch my dog had a field day eating them all day"

Michel Couque says

"At 9.30am I phoned to see how long delivery would be for a pinlock , checking it would arrive before I went away on a bike tour. I was told it would leave that day, so should arrive in a couple of days. I ordered it at 10.17 am to go out that day.The pin lock was not sent out for 3 days so I was already gone when it arrived. I emailed for a comment before I left a bad review, but after several days I have not had a response so I cannot leave any other feedback Than what I have experienced."

Ryan Moynihan says

"Ordered an HJC RPHA 70 visor used it twice within a month and it’s cracked on the catch (common issue, see below reviews). Emailed Visorshop of the faulty product and now we seem to be going round the houses trying to change the product under warranty. I bought a product that has developed a fault and I would expect the issue to be resolved at store level, not have to wait days for an excuse about having to contact HJC. Poor customer service and not a very good approach to dealing with faulty goods. Obviously from other reviews on here it seems like delay tactics, but it’s ok I like waiting... actually I don’t so please sort this issue out and stop messing about."

Phil says

"I ordered the 29.05.20 a Simpson helmet and a dark visor for this same helmet. The delays noted on the site at the time of the order was 2 to 3 days for each item. After 3 weeks and no news from the visor shop, I asked where my order was. (The delays on their website for the same items were still 2 to 3 days). Answer, in fact there are delivery problems and there will be 1 month delay. After several emails and complication with them, I had to change the article and I was forced to take a helmet of the same brand but in a different color (which did not suit me). I received the helmet after a week... For the visor I sent back several times emails to know the status. I still have no news of my visor, it is the 04.09.20! For more than 3 months I've been waiting for a visor that will probably never arrive even though it is already paid for. They are liars about their dates and delivery times and more than being scammers who don't even send the merchandise. I do NOT recommend this site, lie, astonished information and thief."

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